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Wooden windows “Norwegian standard”

Norwegian standard

               Generally, the Norwegian standard windows, as meaning shows, is the most popular in Norway and other Scandinavian countries. Particularly, those windows is a perfect solution in a wet and windy climate. In fact, old style wood windows provide a high level of comfort and secure. This kind of windows and doors can be coated with aluminium from the outside. As well as „European type“ windows. Unlike as PVC windows, Norwegian standard windows are opening outward. This type of opening is the most desirable in all Scandinavian countries.

Normally, we use a high quality finger-jointed pine material without tree branches, when producing such windows. PN beslag makes windows reliable and easy to use.

               To emphasize the process, we use the TEKNOS paint (Great Britain) to impregnate and paint wood windows. Important to mention, that the quality of the paint is very high. Beside, wood windows can be painted on the inside one color, and the other outside. This is a great way to match the color of Your window and (or) Your exterior/interior.


The color capabilities

               Below, You can find the painting variations:

  • varnished both sides;
  • one side painted, the other varnished;
  • painted both sides;
  • each side painted in a different color;
  • any side can be 100% natural, not painted and not varnished at all.


               In spite of this, our company can offer to paint in any color from the RAL or NCS palette. We hope You will be able to find the most suitable color You admire and to preserve natural beauty of wood. In addition, we recommend the “ASSA-ABLOY” Swedish company locks. Of course, handles and cylinders perfectly goes with all this old style windows.


               Apart from this, we can produce windows in any shape. For example, it may be a quadrangle, trapezium, triangle, arch, round, oval or even combined one… Of course, there are many different types of windows in our photo gallery, named “Norwegian standard” windows.

Mainly, the most popular glasses are Guardian and Pilkington. In spite of this, the average of U value for the windows with 2 layer of glass is 1.45. Similarly, the average U value with 3 layer of glass is  1.15. Beside, U value is expressed by the amount of glass package and frame together! The glass package U value, itself:

  • 4-16Ar-4GNP (U=1,1)- 2 layer of glass;
  • 4GNP-12ArTGI-4-12ArTGI-4GNP (U=0.7)- 3 layer of glass

Nowadays, three layer of glass and low energy products is getting more and more popular.

Correspondingly, You can also choose glass/filling sealing from grey or black silicon or a black gasket. Normally, our company offers windows with a grooving around from inside (10mm x 10mm), sometimes we call it the place for the “furing”. If customer needs, we can produce windows or doors without grooving or groove in one side or bottom of the windows.

Typically, we use aluminium water drip for the windows. But for the special orders, especially in old town, we can produce wooden water drip and paint in the same color as windows.

Furthermore, we have a wide assortment of window crosses (“spross”):

  • real profile/“midpost” 45mm or 60mm wide;
  • crosses (“spross”) inside the glass package 25 mm, white or brown color. This kind of cross You cannot touch, that’s why it is very easy to clean the glasses;
  • crosses can be glued from inside/outside or both sides (26mm);
  • DUPLEX type crosses, through the glass. This type of crosses (26mm) divides the glass package as well. Duplex type crosses are the most popular.

In addition, Norwegian standard windows comes in such outward opening types:

  • Side hinged – side outward opening;
  • Top-hengslet – opening from the top;
  • Top-styred – opening from the top till 45*;
  • Top-swing – swinging around 180*;
  • Glide-hengslet – when both parts are able to open in the sides (as fire escape type);
  • Fire escape – fire escape windows without “midpost”;
  • Also windows with protection of reach of children.


Please, see “Norwegian standard” wooden windows in photo gallery.