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Winter garden sliding doors


           Terrace, winter garden or a simple room – this is a kind of buildings, which has no big requirement for isolation on winter time. Generally, these and others, such as the balcony, summer house or arbor, can be glazed with our ALU winter garden sliding system. Mini aluminum frames save space. Beside, there is a wide opening opportunity in combination with railings and sliding door system.

Rails. A number of opening options You can choose with a single rail – that can be hidden inside the wall. It is possible to have two, three or even four railings system, which allows to open very widely. Also a standard or special frame painting colors is available.


Winter garden sliding systems


Notice a great result – there are many options to open the room with four rail system:

  • can slide every sliding part to any side independently
  • can have opening in the middle, and slide 50% to the left and 50% to the right
  • slide all the sliding parts to the left or to the right
  • single rail can be hidden inside the wall

The similar situation is with three and two rails. Another option of the same construction – closed, not opening windows.


          1. Not isolated wintergarden system with a single tempered glass

           Our mini framed winter garden sliding door systems are sealed, maintenance free and safe. For that kind of sliding systems we use four or five millimeters thick tempered glass. You can also choose tinted (darker glass).

ALU framing standard colors – white and natural ALU color. As usually, it is possible to paint frames by technology with any other RAL color for additional cost. Because of the painting technology, You will not need to think about repainting for a long time.

Every rail is three centimeters wide and three centimeters high (3×3). As an example, when it comes to a four rail system, it means that the step will be three centimeters high and twelve centimeters wide (3×12). When it turns to a two rails – then it will be three centimeters high and six centimeters wide (3×6).


                Aluminum balcony glazing


Lock and handles. Normally, winter garden sliding system parts goes with a standard handle from inside. It is not possible to access from outside, until the handle from inside is unlocked. If an access from outside is required, then we can produce a sliding part with a lock from outside, as well. Accordingly, when the sliding parts is closed – it stands stable and sealed, no sound of wind.

If the glazed balconies is high up, You can take the sliding parts out from the railings easily, clean them and put back after all. Aluminum profiles do not move. This is because of the temperature difference, that’s why it is good for all climate types.

Must mention the importance, that construction where this system is installed, must not move. Otherwise, it can press the sliding doors too much and could be difficult to slide them. On the bottom of the frames there are a small holes, drilled for condensate drainage.


2. More isolated wintergarden sliding doors system

          For those who like to have a bit more isolated wintergarden sliding system, we offer “Reynaers”. It is a high quality profile, made in Belgium. Here You can choose such Reynaers options:

  • “Reynaers CP45 PA” – system with a single or double glazing (not isolated frame);
  • “Reynaers CP50” – system with a single or double glazing (isolated frame);
  • “Reynaers CP68” – system with double or tripple glazing (full isolated).

Below you will find a wider description of each profile.


2.1 Profile “Reynaers CP45 PA”


                            “Reynaers CP45 PA”


            It is not insulated sliding system with a single or double glazing possibility. Ideal for a not insulated flats, winter gardens, balcony glazings, terrace glazings. Beside, “Reynaers CP45 PA” system can be produced with a single or max 4 rails system, which guarrantee a large opening area. Same as other systems, customer can choose to have key lock outside or just handle without lock inside.

Apart from this, a minimalistic design realise an estetic solution for Your building. Sliding elements can be easily integreted with a different type of windows, conservatory, sun screening. A standard colors or special painting – all depends on Your wishes. The system height can be up to 2700 millimeters high, depending on a wind load resistance.


2.2 Profile “Reynaers CP 50”


                                “Reynaers CP50”


           “Reynaers CP 50” is an insulated and elegant sliding system, slim and lightweight. This system most popular to produce with double glazing (24mm), but also possible with a single glass (6-8mm). Reynaers system is designed according to the highest European quality standards. CP 50 sliding system offers many different opening possibilities up to 3 rails system.

Same as other systems, customer can choose to have key lock outside or just handle without lock inside. Max 2700 millimeters height construction allow to have big glazing areas for Your balconies, terraces, winter gardens. A standard colors or special painting – all depends on Your wishes. As a matter of fact, with “Reynaers CP 50″ we can reach max U=2.0 value (together glass with a frame).


2.3 Profile “Reynaers CP 68”


                                 “Reynaers CP68″


           Very well isolated sliding system that combines elegance and performance, U value and security. This unique sliding system is characterised by its slim profiles, allowing the integration of large windows and doors for a maximum view. As advantages, innovations and technologies guarantee wind and water tightness and thermal insulation, meeting with the highest standards. The sliding system CP 68 offers up till 3 railings and up to 2700 millimeters high construction.

Same as other systems, customer can choose to have key lock outside or just handle without lock inside. A standard colors or special painting – all depends on Your wishes. With “Reynaers CP 68″ we can reach max U=1.7 value (together glass with a frame).

Moreover, this is a perfect system for those who has full heated balconies and winter gardens. It is possible to produce this system with 28-36 millimeters  thickness of glazing, which means with 2 or with 3 layers of glass. In spite of the great U value, sound isolation is also a benefit.


NOTE: for those customers, who would like to have sliding systems U value better than U=1.7, we can offer other Reynaers, Gealan or SCHUCO profile systems.

Please, check out our winter garden sliding systems gallery!