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ALU Schuco systems

 SCHUCO windows

               SCHUCO is a well-known and leading trademark in the world. Only the highest quality, made of Schuco profile: windows, doors, sliding doors, folding systems, entrance doors (made of aluminum system). ALU Schuco systems are German brand. There are millions of Schuco products in all around the world, which requires only perfect design, comfortability, safety and highest energy requirements. ALU Schuco systems – almost for a whole Your life!

               After all, Schuco creates an innovative technologies to improve their production. That guarantees being a leader and meet the changing standards in time.

ALU Schuco window

ALU Schuco windows system combines an architecture, design and function. Schuco ALU windows system, first of all, is very durable, strong and energy saving. Second, the maintenance is easy and it is a long-life system. Apart from this, there are a wide range of colors to addapt all Your needs.

ALU Schuco windows are completely resistant to a bad weather conditions. Moreover, if You wish to build a smart house, Schuco technology has many options for it already! It is easy only with a click of a button to open and close the windows, manage ventilation systems. This type of windows can be produced in a huge dimensions and ensure security at the same time.



The main features of ALU Schuco windows:

  •  Simple energy saving;
  •  Easy to avoid dangers;
  •  Schuco fully automatic;
  •  Individual addapting for Your house (other area);
  •  Huge dimensions.


The most popular Schuco windows and doors systems today are:

  • AWS50 Schuco ALU system
  • AWS/ADS65 Schuco ALU system
  • AWS70.HI Schuco ALU system


SCHUCO Entrance doors

               Your home, office or industry buildings – first attention is to the main entrance doors. It is like a business card and tells many things about the owner. ALU Schuco entrance doors gives an individual accents. Apart from this, it is possible to choose from many design options. Beside, it will be suitable for all kinds of architectural solutions.

Aluminum Schuco entrance doors ADS (Aluminum Door System) has a high insulation, are very strong and durable. Also suitable for an intensive using in buildings. Schuco ALU doors system, the same as the windows and sliding/folding system, let  products produce in a huge dimensions. 

Welcome Your guests with Schuco profile doors!



SCHUCO sliding/folding systems

Schuco ALU sliding doors

Sliding or folding system helps to open and widen new spaces: winter garden, terrace or just entrance from living room. For this reason, Your wishes may come true. Alu Schuco systems are very high stability, huge dimensions are possible for all kind of products. Buildings can be designed with narrow profiles and large areas of glass. Single glass layer (for inside or none isolated rooms), 2 or 3 layer of glass – everything is possible. Sliding doors in a huge dimensions can be provided also with electric opening engines if need.

Folding systems can have several opening options: from one side or another, inward or outward. There is also a chance to fold parts from the middle to the sides or select another type of construction.


               Usually, we recommend our professional workers to install our production, for the bigger projects. It is recommended, when the order includes windows, sliding/folding systems or/and facade system. Must be rememebered, that it is very important to install the production properly! Our professional workers will charge installation lower than a regular hired company. For our company it is simple to arrange professionals to arrive and install all production at Your object. But, of course, if You decide to install by Yourself or with Your team- no problem for us just deliver production. However, only customer decides to accept/not accept our service. We can produce and deliver the order to the customer’s point, for sure.


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