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For the regular partners



                We are always looking for a serious business partners, construction companies in all around the Norway and Scandinavian countries. With this in mind, we have a special conditions and prices for a regular customers. Our goal is a high quality production and good service.

               Trust between each other makes business easier, that’s why keeping promises is so important for us.  Apart from this, for a trusted customers (business and private), we can offer a flexible payment conditions. There is always a chance to bring examples to Your show room, if You require. We promise a fast online communication and price calculation. Beside, we have a perfect recommendations.

Delivery conditions

               In fact, our company offers a free delivery with our own transport.  Our free delivery area covers following (below):

Sweden E18 road; Norway:

               There is no problem to deliver production in any place in Norway! Usually, we deliver for an additional cost. Except, if it is a bigger quantity of production – we deliver for free. We have  sold a large quantity production to customers, located in the middle and north part of Norway already. More information about delivery conditions is in theme “PAYMENT AND DELIVERY“.


               Furthermore, we represent our company at the home and construction exhibition several times a year in Norway (Boligmesse). To clarify, we show our examples, meet our already known and potential customers and partners. Of course, its not only one chance to meet us at the exhibition. In some cases, we arrive to meet our business partners in Norway. Beside, we can arrive to the bigger object as well. In particular, our aim is to measure and see all other important details of the object, if customers are not able to do that by themselves.  Notably, our serious business partners meet us in our place, in Lithuania, as well. In this case, partners are able to see all examples of the production. In fact, we can arrange a visit to our factories. All depends on Your desires!

stavanger-boligmesse-2016_4  stavanger-boligmesse-2016_1  kristiansand-boligmesse-2016_7 

               We are available on Facebook, email, Viber, iMessage, Skype and Messenger. Please, contact us, if You are interested in or have any questions.

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