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Quality glasses, glass packages and other things made of glass


               Our company can offer many things made of a high quality glass. We have many standard and finished production. For example, glass tables, shelves. This is a great option for Your living room or coffee room.  Any real dimension and structure of a high quality glass and glass packages is available. We don’t have a standard dimensions, but we can produce by Your measures in a short period.

               Beside, our company can produce a glass package to Your old or new windows, quality glass for Your wooden or steel fence. In spite of this, glass floor, glass roof over the Your winter garden, glass steps, glass canopy and other glass production can be produced.


glass-tables glass-tables1


               Are You looking for a glass shelves in a bathroom or kitchen? Simply, let us know the dimensions and we will produce it. In fact, we are always open for Your request! We are ready to produce a special glass, round glass or a glass package. Moreover, glass around Your oven or on the table, not a standard aquarium and many other solutions.


Please, see our photo gallery, to see many beautiful goods we can produce of glass.