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Home use


Home use garage door: select Your best option


               One of the most important component for Your garage or a storehouse is garage door. Nowadays, home use garage door became to be very comfortable, modern and safe. For the most part we give our thanks to the automatic opener with remote controls.

              One of our products is the garage door. It is possible to pick Your favorite model, section type, color and shape from a wide variety. Furthermore, the garage door for a home use can be produced with a wood grain cover or wood imitation. Of course, You can choose door, painted in any RAL colour palette on a slick surface. Wood grain cover makes the garage door look natural. Surprisingly, even when viewed from a distance of several meters is difficult to determine the material. In fact, our isolated steel look very similar to real wood.

               Apart from this, an integrated entrance door with lock is used, if customer prefers. This is an advantage for both: home use garage and industry use garage doors. At the present time, our company produces the garage door in such most popular colors (below):

  •  white;
  • anthracite (dark grey);
  • silver;
  • brown;
  • golden oak;
  • mahogany;
  • cooper rust;
  • other.

               In spite of this, our customers can pick any other RAL color, according to their desires. Particularly, the most popular segment types for the garage door today (below):

  • RIB type – garage door with small horizontal lines.
  • MIDRIB type – garage door with medium horizontal lines.
  • SLICK type – garage door has horizontal lines only on segment connections place.
  • CASSETTE type – garage door separated in small squares/panels.

In reality, a variety of segment types You can see in our garage door gallery.

garage-doors   garage-doors1


We mach Your needs

               Usually, a natural light does not go through inside the garage. In this case, we produce garage door with a window: sunrise, oval, round or quadrangle shape. Our company will produce a window according Your wish. We use only the highest quality, well isolated profile and material. Normally, we recommend an automatic opener “Sommer”- German, or CAME – Italian made, for a home use garage door. To clarify, we are sure about an easy use and reliability only when we use the highest quality material, well isolated profile and an automatic opener.

Please, visit our garage door gallery, to find Your favorite style and color.